Towing & Pushback

We carry out to 173.000 pushback operations per year

Aircraft towing is when an aircraft is towed from one parking position to another or an aircraft is towed from the handling aprons to the hangar area when it needs repair or maintenance. Repositioning tows and yard tows are performed without crew and passengers on board.

In a pushback, the aircraft with crew and passengers or cargo on board is pushed backward from its parking position onto a taxiway, from which it can then taxi on its own toward the runway.


We make airplanes ready for takeoff

Special infrastructure and procedures – At Munich Airport, more than 95 percent of aircraft are deiced immediately before takeoff with their engines running on special deicing areas at the runway heads, the remote areas. There are three deicing areas on the north and south runways in each takeoff direction.

They are each manned by several deicing vehicles. Used deicing fluid is collected and recycled. Short deicing times – Each aircraft is deiced by several deicing vehicles simultaneously.

Air conditioning

We ensure pleasant temperatures

If an aircraft is on the ground for a longer period of time, the interior sometimes needs to be heated or cooled, depending on the weather. For air conditioning, EFM has modern air-conditioning vehicles and heaters. With their help, warm or cool air is fed into the onboard ventilation system by a hose through special connections on the aircraft.

The air-conditioning vehicles can be used to air-condition aircraft of almost any size easily and quickly. The heaters are used for heating and also for de-icing engine blades and propellers.

Pushback Simulator

Next generation of pushback and towing training

To grow with the increasing traffic in Munich, EFM had to think about its training concepts, as these were still based on the classic method of training in a live operation with one trainer per trainee. Typical training duration for a new student was between four to six weeks, depending on the experience level of the student.

This limited the company’s training capacity to only two trainees per month. To increase this capacity, EFM looked for a more effective and efficient method of training. A realistic training environment is the key to a successful training process, so EFM decided to use a pushback simulator.


We train and advise

Other ground handling service providers, airports, airlines and manufacturers of towing and de-icing vehicles can benefit from our sound know-how. Whether training or consulting – we are happy to support you!

With our partners, the Munich Airport Academy and AeroTech Consulting GmbH, we offer training in German and English as classic classroom training and practical on-site training for all personnel areas involved. And we are there to advise you, for example by examining aircraft deicing processes on site and identifying optimization opportunities.

About EFM

We are experts in towing and deicing for over 30 years

EFM has been a fixture at Munich Airport for 30 years, and its customers and partners can rely on it at all times. In deicing, we enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. This is also reflected in the fact that numerous customers and colleagues from all over the world visit us to find out about our deicing system, which is unique on this scale.

Customer orientation and flexibility, well-trained and motivated employees, the use of new equipment and technologies for maximum safety and efficiency, and a commitment to environmental protection are what set us apart.
We are here for you. Challenge us!


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